Letters to the Editor


If Democratic Committee Chairman Robert Sprague sends out ballots advocating for your candidacy, a committee pays for your political signs and Mayor Mark Eckert includes you in a campaign advertisement, can you truly be independent or part of a political party? For those that have taken such support, will that impede your independence or will you go along with the group who supported your candidacy? These are questions voters need to ask before heading to the polls. The Belleville News-Democrat once referred to some members of the existing “party” as bobbleheads who agreed with whatever budgets decisions, policies, resolutions and ordinances their leaders put forward without discussion or meaningful questioning of the pros and cons of such actions. Look back at minutes of city, township and county meetings, and one will see a resounding number of “yes” votes and very little discussion. How can every leadership idea put forward be met with such resounding enthusiasm — or a blank nod? Please consider your choices and evaluate who is truly independent.

Martha Dowling, Belleville