Letters to the Editor

Take of the rose-colored glasses

On April 4 we will have two tax referendums to vote on: safety and schools. I have a recommendation for the county and school leaders: Rather than taking aim at the hard-working taxpayers in the county and expecting them to bail out, you should be calling and writing the state legislators daily demanding they do their job and fix the financial mess that they have put you in! The legislators have already burdened us with some of the higher tax rates in this country. Don’t come to us taxpayers with hat in hand wanting us to take on another financial burden. St. Clair County would not be in this financial mess if the board chairman would take off his rose-colored glasses and sell or close down MidAmerica Airport. Also, while we are fixing the county let’s stop spending over $500,000 per year on benefits for part-time workers, including the chairman! Try that in the private sector and see what happens! Madison County by comparison spends 8 percent of what St. Clair County spends. Taxpayers in St. Clair County are tired and soon will be broke, unless the county changes or we move.

Herman Koester, Belleville