Letters to the Editor

Cook doesn’t know what hard work is

I’ve been receiving literature on the upcoming April election at my house for several weeks. This weekend, I received Dallas Cook’s one-page flier. I find many issues with this flier, including:

▪ There is no union bug on his flier. The city of Belleville has nine unions working for it. Cook obviously doesn’t care about the importance of these unions and employees.

▪ Cook claims to have improved Belleville’s Transparency rating from an A to an F in one year. Belleville did not receive an A, because Cook didn’t get things finished on time.

▪ Cook states that he has saved taxpayers millions of dollars. I looked through the last several years of city budgets and found that the city clerk’s budget has increased 110 percent from $297,770 in 2014-2015 to $325,700 in 2016-2017. Additionally, Cook fails to mention the several lawsuits he has caused, which are quite expensive. This is not saving the taxpayers money and it’s not saving anyone millions of dollars.

▪ He lists a series of character values, including “hard work.” This is laughable. Cook has not worked a 40-hour week since he became clerk. He has spent hours of time he should have been at city hall out protesting at the courthouse and campaigning. He has not been to a single community event in the four years he has been in office. Cook doesn’t know what hard work is.

Dallas Cook doesn’t support the Belleville unions, and he can’t tell the truth on his campaign flier. Vote Mark Eckert on April 4.

John Medley, Belleville