Letters to the Editor

A critical choice on April 4

Voters in O’Fallon have a critical choice to make on April 4. Continue to support the policies of the current administration or opt for an open and fair government where citizen input is encouraged and welcomed.

Phil Goodwin’s shrink-wrapped van and full-page color ads look nice, but below the surface there is little substance.

Goodwin says he will put money back in your pocket. He can make this offer because Mayor Gary Graham sought and the council approved a 5 percent increase in property taxes in December. Herb Roach voted no to that tax increase and wants it rescinded.

Goodwin wants to refund some of the city’s water system fund. That surplus took 20 years to accumulate, and Goodwin would deplete it in three years. With the city’s aging infrastructure in many parts of town, that money will be needed in the very near future.

The folks in Fairview Heights would love to see Goodwin become mayor because they would benefit more from his “first 1000 gallons free” motto since they pay 20 percent more for O’Fallon water than we do.

For the critics of Roach’s voting record, I recommend you take time to attend a city council meeting or watch them on the city’s website to understand why Roach votes as he does. Roach does his research, one of the very few on council who do. He has constantly voted against tax increases and the half-baked projects that cause them. He votes for things when justified, defendable, and properly budgeted.

Lloyd Soeters, O’Fallon