Letters to the Editor

Too smart to be fooled

I received a mailing from the party opposing Mr. Bruce Canty’s re-election as supervisor in the Caseyville Township election alleging outright lies, among them: that Mr. Canty sent a fake sewer bill 12 years ago to win election and the residents fell for it.

Everett Moody ran for supervisor 12 years ago, not Bruce Canty, and I personally prepared every piece of material passed or mailed out for Mr. Moody’s team at that time. There was never anything about a sewer bill or lowering the sewer bill.

Twelve years ago, Mr. Canty ran for re-election as Caseyville Township Clerk, a “nonvoting” position. He had been the clerk for 12 years prior and ran for another four years at that time. Since Mr. Canty had no vote as a clerk, he could not have, as falsely alleged, voted for or against items claimed by the opposition.

The toxic materials being spewed against Mr. Canty is typical of the opposition’s desperate, extreme truth-challenged materials and mindset.

Caseyville Township has more money in their coffers than they owe — about $27 million cash and investments and only $20 million low-interest debt. If re-elected, Mr. Canty’s team can easily lower the sewer bill by $9 monthly as they promise.

I expect residents are too smart to be fooled by the opposition’s old political-machine negativism.

Pat Baeske, Fairview Heights