Letters to the Editor

There are other candidates

As township trustee for the last four years, I have been able to witness the failures of John Kernan as road commissioner. The township structure could make a person serving as road commissioner feel they are king, as nobody can tell the commissioner how to do the job. The commissioner can spend/hire as they wish and not be accountable to the board or taxpayers. The last two months is proof of that, as Kernan did not attend the February township meeting or leave a road report to be presented. Kernan did attend the April township meeting, but did not present a road report.

One of Kernan’s expensive road projects, Mine Haul Road, is said to be starting soon, from the roadside signs posted on the site. This favorite road project of the commissioner was at first stated to cost taxpayers $80,000. Those costs have risen to $230,000 with no word from the commissioner on details.

There are many roads in our township that could use those funds to improve taxpayers’ roads in neighborhoods that need improvement. Mine Haul Road is Kernan’s favorite project for some reason, he is not saying or reporting. I guess as king, he feels he doesn’t have to?

I would like to remind voters on April 4, they do not have to vote for this commissioner. Please vote for Dave Barnes, James Hursey, Donald Wallace and John Vosler, the four independent candidates on the ballot!

Keith Sturgis, Belleville