Letters to the Editor

The best people to lead Belleville

As a young voter, I recognize the importance of having a say in who leads the city of Belleville. I have witnessed firsthand how Mayor Mark Eckert has worked tirelessly to improve the city of Belleville. He’s constantly working with local business owners, forming relationships with businesses who are looking to invest in the city, connecting with students in our schools, and trying to keep our city as safe as possible. I met Mayor Eckert when I was on the Belleville Achieves Strength In Character youth board at Belleville West High School. I was inspired by the positive impact Eckert has had in the community, and I immediately became interested in what I could do personally to become more involved in our city. After graduating, I reached out to Mayor Eckert and expressed to him that I wanted to stay involved. On my behalf, he spoke to the Belleville Achieves Strength In Character board and they created the first liaison position between the youth board and adult board for me. This volunteer position helped me to embrace the pride I have in Belleville. I want what is best for this city, and I know that will be the continued leadership of Mayor Mark Eckert. He truly does embody the character traits of the Belleville Achieves Strength In Character initiative. After his family, the city of Belleville is his next priority in life, including the citizens of our great city. The best people to lead the city of Belleville are Mayor Mark Eckert, Jennifer Gain Meyer and Dean Hardt.

Matt Zahn, Belleville