Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Mayor Mark Eckert

Having read many letters to the editor, I do believe that some have legitimate concerns and opinions. For me the glass is half full; for many of you the glass is always half empty. I have seen the most amazing changes to our city and the mayor has been a part of most of it. Mark Kern left a great blueprint for Mark Eckert to work with. The mayor has put his own stamp on it and has continuously strived to improve conditions and opportunities in Belleville. I own two businesses and belong to two organizations in Belleville, so I am in Belleville every day. Stop complaining about Lindenwood and us giving it away for a dollar. Best dollar ever spent. Rather than deteriorating buildings and unkempt lawns, we now have an amazing university with sparkling new buildings and remodeled houses and apartment buildings. The entrances to the city look fantastic, so many streets repaired, the growth of the Route 15 corridor is great for our community and Eckert has worked hard on this. updated city hall and our new police station, his support of Art on the Square and other non-profits over the years. His efforts to diversify the city’s workforce and to expand policing. He has done so much more, but there is a man behind the job and that man is a great dad, husband, friend and a person who works tirelessly for the everyday man and woman. Thank you, Mayor Mark Eckert.

Paula R. Badger, Fairview Heights