Letters to the Editor

Consider change

On March 21, the League of Women Voters supported a forum/debate for the Stookey Township candidates at Althoff High School. For those who could not attend, candidates Mark Bagby, Jean Frierdich, Tom Kroupa, Leticia Lopez, Ryan Stookey, Curtis Williams, Sal Elkott, Don Lillis and Brent Scharf answered questions from residents for about two hours. Candidates that did not attend the public forum were Daniel Barger, Cindy Bingham, Dennis Oaks, Rosemary Schaedler, Stan Sieron, Les Greene, Chad Davis and David Bone.

A few hot topics included:

▪ The poor conditions of the 66 miles of township roads

▪ Flooding and flash flooding problems

▪ Qualifications the highway commissioner should have: Elkott (civil engineer), Lillis (tree trimmer) and Scharf (construction tradesman)

▪ Transparency and customer service relating to the treatment of residents and the lack of access to public records on the website

▪ Violations of the Open Meetings Act and issues with compliance of the Freedom of Information Act by the current elected official

▪ Improper budgeting and spending by the current elected officials (township & highway)

▪ Constant tax increases

▪ $148,000 of delinquent sewer bills

▪ Hiring and employment practices of township employees

▪ Difficulty of reaching township employees and some board members

Stookey Township residents, please take note! You have a choice on April 4 to make positive changes to make Stookey a thriving township again! There are many non-incumbent candidates running in case you are tired of the same old thing. Regardless of your political affiliation we want/need everyone’s vote for a better Township for all. Thank you for considering the change!

Mark Bagby, Stookey Township candidate