Letters to the Editor

Every vote counts

Early voting began Feb. 23, 2017. In-office voting is available at the Madison County Clerk’s Office, 157 N. Main Street, room 109, in Edwardsville between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., weekdays through April 3, 2017. Beginning March 20, early voting can be done at the Granite City Township building, 2060-A Delmar Avenue.

Yes, every vote counts. That reminds me of the Nameoki Township election, whereby I tied with another candidate for township trustee only to find out after the recount of the ballots, that I won by 16 votes. Did I get cheated? Yes. They ruled me out on a silly technicality. I was told that the incumbents were worried that I would cause the grand jury investigation. Guess what, I ran four years later, and a grand jury investigation took place, and those who were found guilty were thrown out of office.

As Malcolm Forbes once said, “As you get older, don’t slow down. Speed up, there’s less time left.”

Helen M. Hawkins,

Nameoki Town Clerk