Letters to the Editor

Will use funds from sales tax with great care

I want to add my voice to those who support the 1-cent sales tax increase for public school facility bond retirement and building improvements. Many of the public school districts in St. Clair County have serious needs both in needed building repairs and upgrades, but also in the need to provide modern science and technical resources for their students.

The president’s federal budget proposals are not particularly generous to public schools, and our state’s frail finances also do not bode well for much increased public school funding. Property taxes are already high so that leaves the sales tax as the best way to provide county children with the kind of facilities that will help them compete in today’s world.

As a member of the District 189 Financial Oversight Committee, I can testify to the care with which extra facility funds will be expended in our district. The real and serious needs of other county districts give promise also that extra funding will be targeted to the mist critical areas.

Sister Julia Huiskamp, East St. Louis