Letters to the Editor

Your municipality takes care of your roads

Current St. Clair Township Highway Commissioner John “Skip” Kernan sent out a mailer that claimed I am a security guard at a strip club. That is a false statement. I am a security account manager, for a nationwide company, where I supervise a staff of 24 employees at a global corporation.

I have government experience and was previously an O’Fallon Township trustee for two years and O’Fallon alderman for four years. For the past 37 years, I have owned and operated a mobile disc jockey, karaoke and lighting service.

He also stated that I will cut staff and cut road services. Translation, I will not hire a fifth employee unless the slowest period of the year requires it. Kernan hired a fifth employee, without money for that in his budget, ran out of funds, and had to lay off the entire road crew for two weeks. Kernan sued the Township board to try to force them to adopt his budget; he lost the lawsuit and cost taxpayers several thousand of dollars. I will cooperate with the board and adhere to the budget.

If you live in Swansea, Shiloh, or Fairview Heights and received the mailer, the township does not even take care of your roads, your municipality does.

James E. Hursey, Independent candidate for St. Clair Township Highway Commissioner