Letters to the Editor

You need to research this

I just read Lillian Schneider’s remarks when asked whether or not she supports keeping either or both of the 1 percent sales tax referendums on the ballot.

She says, “I am opposed to reinstating this tax,” and would request the city cut waste and restructure the way it does business. The last thing she says in her interview is, “I will research these options.”

Now, I ask you how can you play lip service to hot air and claim to know how to cut waste in one sentence and then say after I’m elected I’ll research these options.

I’ve lived in the first ward and owned my home here for 47 years, and in the last seven or eight years all Ms. Schneider has shown me is she is against anything and everything in Belleville. One complaint after another. There’s never a positive anything coming from her and now she’s going to research these issues and options after she’s elected. Why didn’t you explain where all this waste is that you seem to know about? Just what do you want us taxpayers to give up so we can have extra money for your projects — we could close all the parks and do away with the Parks Department. We would lay off half the sanitation department and only pick up trash every two or three weeks.

Would those be your ideas on cutting waste? You need to research this, Lillian.

Dennis Kaufmann, Belleville