Letters to the Editor

If they really believed it was safe, they’d live here

What makes our current leadership so sure Belleville is safe? The FBI data does not lie and outsiders like neighborhoodscout.com compile that exact data and review that exact data and published that exact data showing Belleville has a very big problem when it comes to crime. It is not because of the officers on the streets. Those officers can only do what they are allowed due to vacations, leaves, etc. It’s the ones that sit in the nice plush offices in administration. If the police officers and administrators think it’s so safe, ask many of them why they have run out of town at the first chance they got and now own homes in Smithton, Freeburg, Millstadt, Columbia, etc. They moved because they wanted to be in safer neighborhoods! If they really believed Belleville was safe, wouldn’t they live here like the rest of us?!

Ryan Moore, Belleville