Letters to the Editor

Who has really invested in the city?

In response to Larry Price’s letter to the editor on March 23 concerning the credentials of Shelly Schaefer, aldermanic candidate for Ward 5: As usual he is completely uninformed an off base. He is correct that Michael Hagberg voted to dissolve the Belleville Township. But that is all he has done in the city. Have you ever seen Mr. Hagberg out in the city or neighborhoods? No, you haven’t. Is Mr. Hagberg reinvesting in the city? No, he isn’t. On the other hand, Shelly Schaefer has guided the future of children for 23 years as a teacher. She has helped mold the characters of these youngsters to be productive citizens. She has served on school boards for eight years. She has helped set policy, guidelines and budgets. So, who do you really want to serve the 5th Ward? An unknown entity, or someone who has truly invested in the city? Think about it. Vote for Shelly Schaefer on April 4.

Roger Wigginton, Belleville alderman 8th Ward