Letters to the Editor

‘No’ to taxes until finances are tackled

As a former businessman and current homeowner resident of St. Clair county for 35 years, I will not support any request for an increase in taxes from any taxing entity until our local state representatives attack the financial problems of our state. We have a few trying to do something, but unfortunately due to stronghold our Democratic reps and leaders have on the state, no progress has been made nor do I expect any change until voters quit supporting the same old Democratic Party that has controlled St. Clair County and state budgets for generations. Please join me and let dry up the pot of our money that our local and state leaders keep using to support our out of control government spending that already has our children and grandchildren in debt over their heads. If our leaders don’t see a need for change then it’s no. No every time, I don’t care how good your cause is.

Chuck DeLorme, Lebanon