Letters to the Editor

The true Independents in the election

Let’s start with the givens:

1) The election is April 4.

2) We all care for our city.

3) Homes for sale in Belleville are higher than normal.

4) The sale of homes appears to be selling at an aggregate of two-thirds below appraised value.

5) Crime is indeed the No. 1 concern.

6) We all respect our police force and believe they are doing their best.

At a meeting of Mr. Wigginton’s West End group in 2011 Chief Clay stated: “We live in the highest crime per capita county in the United States and we need to add 10 more police officers in uniform to establish a deterrent force.” He also told me the same in a private meeting and a third time at Bless Sacrament when as an alderman I was running for mayor in 2013. What happened to this concern and goal?

Mayor Eckert dissolved the Good Government Party and now proclaims: “Independent voices working together for Belleville.” Yet, if you differ slightly with his vision you are left out of his “Unity and Strength” concept. Mayor, why has no police officer been put on the streets with the quarter-cent sales tax or gambling tax as you promised? The mayor and his non-party candidates are sending you mailers from the same bulk postage permit-175.

The true Independents: Cook for mayor, Barbeau for clerk, Write in Ryan Moore for treasurer, Alderman: Ward 1, Schneider; Ward 3, Randle; Ward 5, Hagberg; Ward 6, White; and Ward 7, Galetti.

Joseph W. “Joe” Hayden, Belleville