Letters to the Editor

Mr. TIF needs to go

I need work on my foundation. I loved Betty McCoy’s letter about Mr. TIF. I have to agree. Mr. TIF needs to go. Mr. TIF is supposed to be for blighted areas. I didn’t think Eckert’s Orchards blighted yet they got hundreds of thousands to “renovate” and “expand.” Never heard of a bank loan. The property Belleville Wal-Mart is built on was blighted, but did Wallyworld really need our money? No. All they do is suck the life out of your town. I need work on my foundation on a house that’s blighted and falling apart, and I’m a disabled vet. Do I qualify for TIF? Nope. I didn’t pay into the political fund. TIF paid $2 million for the old Anglers Club property to make a park (like Belleville needs another park) and after five or so years it sits, overgrown and useless. We paid for this and what are we getting back? Zero. Nothing. When they ask for another tax hike, vote no! TIF needs to go. It’s been abused since day one. I’m off my soapbox. Thanks for reading.

Tom McNaughton, Millstadt