Letters to the Editor

Buechler not qualified to be supervisor

St. Clair Township supervisor candidate Bob Buechler currently works at the township where he mows grass and cleans sewers. He was recruited by Road Commissioner John Kernan to run for this professional position that manages an office, employees, and a $3 million-plus budget. Buechler has never worked in an office and has very limited computer skills.

Four years ago, when I was supervisor, Buechler was the only employee who did not have an email address. Also, the sewer foreman would typically schedule Buecher to work alone and he never complained about his schedule. Working alone is not the best qualification for a person seeking a CEO position.

Buechler is great at mowing grass and cleaning sewers, but he is not qualified to become supervisor and would not be a tough negotiator on behalf of the taxpayers when his employee friends’ union contract comes due.

Timothy L. Buchanan, Swansea