Letters to the Editor

Canty owes Lemansky an apology

Recently in a letter to the editor, Caseyville Township Supervisor Bruce Canty blamed Trutee Jim Lemansky for a $60,000 lawsuit involving cerebral palsy in 2013. Canty cited statements from Lemansky as the reason for the suit; however, he totally fails to mention the fact that the main determining factor in the suit was not Lemansky’s comments. The determining factor in the suit was actually statements made by Betty Burrelsman, a trustee at the time, and longtime family friend of Supervisor Canty’s. I suppose this part just slipped his mind? Half-truths or untruths seem to be Canty’s forte.

Burrelsman’s statements, “How would you like to have them living next to you?” and “These people don’t belong here,” were key points in the suit.

In closing, Supervisor Canty said Lemansky cost the township $60,000. The suit was fully covered and paid by the township’s risk management carrier, costing the township nothing.

Canty needs to apologize to Lemansky.

Richard Donovan, Caseyville