Letters to the Editor

There is an inherent danger in group-think

There are people and parts of you I know all so well. We grew up together, grew into the people we are today.

I’m not exactly sure where or when the political division started, more importantly how it became personal in the minds of so many. I suppose we are the reflection of more than 240 years of a difference of opinion.

I’m confused how so few people in control can ignore the consciousness of so many, and how so many prefer to remain unengaged. It bothers me the vast majority doesn’t bother to participate. Please understand what happens at City Hall matters. It impacts your life.

As citizens, as taxpayers, your financial lifeblood is being donated with your muted consent. When only 20 percent show up to choose, four of five people are not heard.

Over the years we’ve devolved into the premise of get your base out, win the day, the taxpayer purse and control the agenda.

When a collection of folks bundle themselves together encased in a plastic bag representing group-think, you have a political party. There is an inherent danger in group-think. Such behavior does not always search for answers that benefit all. It provides the basis for rewarding its benefactors.

I’m interested in finding solutions to problems confronting our community. That means considering all opinions and the balance of evidence. Imagine, reasonable people achieving reasonable goals.

Time to vote folks. Get out and be heard.

Kent Randle, Alderman Ward 3