Letters to the Editor

More taxes will make more leave the state

Why pay more taxes when we witness the poor stewardship of our present tax dollars? Here in St. Clair County our taxes already are far too high.

Consider, MidAmerica Airport takes over $6 million a year to finance, a failing enterprise. The airport director gets a bonus that isn’t based on profitability of the business, a true government enterprise. Our tax dollars continue to be spent there on the parking lot, with no inclusion of a nominal parking fee to provide for maintenance and security.

County board members are among the highest paid plus health insurance for part-time positions.

Millions of tax dollars are spent on fancy bike/walking bridges and trails, used by a small percentage of taxpayers.

The East St. Louis Election Board is an unnecessary expense that continues to corrupt our political system.

The county police and jail get shortchanged in this sad story, and are victims of mismanagement, not that we don’t pay enough taxes to support them.

Regarding the school system, they already receive a large part of our tax dollars. Do you ever hear of efforts to consolidate districts in order to operate more efficiently? What provisions do the districts have to set aside funds for repairs, renovations, or new buildings and equipment? Why did the Freeburg system let the Smithton School get so overcrowded and ill-equipped over a 15-year period?

More taxes would not only hurt our economy, it will cause more people to leave our county and state.

David Rasure, Belleville