Letters to the Editor

Vote for Herb Roach

Phil Goodwin says the status quo in O’Fallon is good and wants to stay the course. Well, here’s the course the city has been on:

▪ Jamie Auffenberg decided to move his dealerships and their tax income to Shiloh. Did city leadership have a clue?

▪ Let contracts worth $188,335 for air conditioning units on contracts advertised in Hilo, Hawaii, and Portland, Oregon. Local companies were not allowed to bid.

▪ Just let a $4 million contract for soccer fields with one bid. Again, local companies were not allowed to bid.

▪ Bought the land under the new fire station for $2 million from a blind trust with no appraisal on the land.

▪ Bought the old bank building across from city hall with no appraisal but cannot use it for the intended purpose because it is not Americans with Disabilities Act compliant.

▪ Multi-million dollar, multi-year trash contract with no bid.

▪ Over $100,000 for new street signs with no bid.

▪ Tried to sell the water and sewer departments with no financial plan but one Alderman stated, “the City has needs.”

▪ Raised the city’s debt from $11 million to $67 million, now $2,093 for each person of all ages living in O’Fallon. And, the city makes “Interest Only” payments on a good part of that debt.

Phil, status quo and stay the course are not Good Wins for O’Fallon.

Vote for transparency and fairness. Vote for Herb Roach!

Mike Tiernan, O’Fallon