Letters to the Editor

A display of poor fiscal responsibility

Caseyville Township Supervisor Bruce Canty has been touting a $9 monthly sewer bill reduction and slashing tap-in fees by paying off the IEPA loan obligations held by the township sewer system. The board has discussed such action before, and came to the conclusion that such a move would only have drastic results for any possible future sewer system operations. When you empty out the piggy bank plus reduce future sewer revenues by 33 percent, your options for any future sewer system operations are extremely limited, if there are any at all. In order to maintain a financially healthy sewer system, the IEPA loans must be paid off according to loan agreements. Supervisor Canty’s campaign touts are not only a display of extremely poor fiscal responsibility, but a good example of what they are promising the voters without even considering the devastating impact on future township sewer operations. It’s just another one of Canty’s mindless campaign promises. Should the voters elect a fiscally responsible board of trustees, such a thoughtless campaign promise will never see daylight until the existing loans are properly satisfied as per agreements.

Richard Donovan, Caseyville