Letters to the Editor

Never forget we’re public servants

Mary Thurman took the wrong path down memory lane and tried to rewrite history. Fact check: I did have a rich boyfriend who filed for bankruptcy over 30 years ago. I did refuse to testify against him and opted to take my case to the jury after the feds carried through with their threat of an indictment. I could have taken the easy way out and took a plea, but instead, I went to trial and was acquitted. I could have left town, but instead, I stuck around and was re-elected two more times during and after this ordeal. That’s why I love O’Fallon — the residents are my support structure and my family. They have stood by me through thick and thin.

As I recall my mayoral record, Mary, I hardly left O’Fallon in “shambles.” Property taxes were all but eliminated, unnecessary fees disappeared, and at the same time, services were improved. What debt we had was for infrastructure improvements. My economic development vision is still in place today. But Mary, are you correct when you say I will take us back to when information was freely available, the public was encouraged to participate and have a voice, and all residents were treated with respect because back then, we never forgot that we were public servants.

Kristi Vetri, write-in candidate for treasurer