Letters to the Editor

Don’t shake Dallas Cook’s bare hand

I hear that our new candidate for mayor, Dallas Cook, has aligned himself with our sleazy radio station owner who backed a mostly black slate for offices in our last election.

Since they mostly all failed to get into office, our radio station owner has now resorted to calling them the “N” word over the radio several times a day.

I also find it odd that Dallas Cook does not seem to be offended by all this.

In almost all Cook’s speeches the first thing he says is that one of the first acts he’ll do as mayor (if elected) is fire our black police chief.

I guess we can expect a visit from the Justice Department shortly after that!

I see that Mayor Mark Eckert has to shake hands with Cook before each debate.

Mayor Eckert, if I were you, I’d wear a glove on that hand before I’d shake hands with him.

Dennis Kaufmann, Belleville