Letters to the Editor

Care more about constituents, less about special interests

The Employer Participation in Student Loan Assistance Act, a bi-partisan effort introduced by Congressman Rodney Davis, is a step in the right direction for not only college students, but for all Americans. This “private sector approach” aimed at easing student loan debt is an optimistic solution to help college students pay off their debt faster. With their loans paid off, this opens up an opportunity for increased consumer spending, especially on big-ticket items. Also, these young entrepreneurs are more likely to create new small businesses being debt free. HR 795 is a common sense solution that should be supported by citizens in every age group because if this student loan situation is not addressed soon, it will only adversely affect the government deficit and these students’ ability to positively impact the economy. Far too often lawmakers in Washington are only concerned about their special interests, and not their constituents. Congressman Davis’ actions show that he is much more concerned about the later and is truly fighting for all Americans regardless of their age or where they fall on the political spectrum.

Myles Nelson, Collinsville