Letters to the Editor

How did you score?

This is a test. Pick up your No. 2 pencils now.

Do you live in a village, township, town, city, or unincorporated area? Do you live in both a town and a township? Why do you need both?

Can you name your mayor, your city clerk, your township supervisor? Who is your county executive? Who is your director of public works? Are you represented by a city council, a township board, a board of aldermen, a board of supervisors? Do you know the names of any of these people who represent and serve you?

If you needed help from your local government who would you call? Do you know the number to call? Do you know where to look for the number? Do you know the website address for your local government? Do you know the names of your local school board members, your local school superintendent, or principal?

Put down your pencils. How did you score on the test?

Citizens must become active participants in government. Active means informed. Every citizen should have a written record of all their local elected and appointed government representatives.

If you saw a dead deer on the road, if a traffic light or streetlight were broken, if there was a big pothole on your street, who would you call? Or would you just let someone else do it?

David J. Busse, Maryville