Letters to the Editor

Protestors or terrorists?

The term for terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. A terrorist is then a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism. I have seen the pictures of ISIS terrorists concealed behind black masked faces and heads as well as blackened clothing carrying their packs of weaponry. I have also seen within the anti-Trump “protestors” groups of concealed black masked faces, black clothing along with backpacks of weaponry used to intimidate and causing violence to people and destruction to places of business with breaking and burning. They cover their identity because, like any terrorist, they are cowards and do not want to be known for what they do.

The Supreme Court of the United States has held that the First Amendment protects the right to conduct a peaceful public assembly. The operative words are “peaceful assembly.” We need to fight the terrorism at home before branching out. Surely the powers that be in Washington can define the difference between protestor and terrorist better than the left wing media. It is time to stop the terrorism within our borders. Any political party that secretly supports these tactics with their silence should realize their flaw in this aggression and help stop it or ignoring its destruction will destroy their party.

Rebecca O’Connor, DuQuoin