Letters to the Editor

Illinois needs to catch up with enlightened states

Many thanks for your front-page coverage of the hearings in the Illinois legislature on the legalization of marijuana.

The “joint hearing” headline I’m sure had been prepared for a while, but was still amusing. It was also nice that the story appeared on April 20.

On a more serious note, it’s high time Illinois caught up with the enlightened states that have already decided to legalize and regulate pot. It has worked well for them and has had many benefits.

As for the response (or mostly lack thereof) from local lawmakers, shame on any of them who are against legalization. They include Kyle McCarter, who offered 1980s reasoning to go with his prohibitionist ideas, and Bill Haine, who frankly shouldn’t be allowed to call himself a Democrat for being on the wrong side of this common sense issue.

I was disappointed there was no response from my new representative Katie Stewart, so can only hope that she was busy trying to pass a budget and will soon get back to you with promises to be more progressive on this issue than McCarter or Haine.

Kevin Kious, Collinsville