Letters to the Editor

A story of a hero

In all the bad that happens in our communities, I wanted to share a hero story. Not sure if it is news worthy, but I hope it is. On March 30, my daughter was hit head on going to work. Her car flipped down a hill five times. A local New Athens Police Officer, Tim Buehler, was the first EMS on sight. The car appeared to be on fire. He climbed in the car along with Chris Birkner, EMT, while it was smoking, recognizing my daughter as one of his DARE graduates from years ago. The fire department told them to get out of the car because of the potential fire. He wrapped his arms around my daughter and gave her his word he’d stay with her no matter what, even if the car was on fire and they couldn’t get her out. He told us, later, that he knew her and didn’t want her to go through that alone and that he has a daughter and hoped that if something like this happened to her she wouldn’t have to face death alone. Officer Tim put “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” to action that day. He was willing to face death with my daughter so that she wouldn’t be alone. There just are not many people in this world like that, and with all of the bad news it would be nice to see some good.

Victoria Pinkerton, Lenzburg