Letters to the Editor

Guilty as charged

Letter writer Cal Fink said it’s time writers stop trying to lay a guilt trip on white people since slavery ended over 150 years ago. My response is that the 246 years of slavery in the U.S. was the cruelest form of slavery in world history, because black children were snatched from their families and sold. Blacks were denied learning, had to work from the sun up to sun down, were whipped like animals, and imprisoned on plantations from birth to death.

After slavery ended, slaves had nothing and nowhere to go. The government didn’t provide them acres of Indian land as provided for whites, not even the “40 acres and a mule,” as promised. Sadly, the effects of slavery still linger because the masses of blacks are still suffering. When the government tried to make amends for the deprivation of blacks through affirmative action, so many white people raised pure hell, so I ask Cal Fink, why shouldn’t the whites who fought making amends for their ancestors’ brutality bear the burden of guilt?

While Fink’s feeling guilty, he shouldn’t forget that years ago, Native Americans were driven from their land and forced to trek across country like herds of cattle, yet when he and other whites had a chance to make amends by trying to save the present-day Native Americans’ land and water from the pipeline, few said a mumbling word, so guilty as charged!

Frankie Seaberry, Centreville