Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on beer hall, MidAmerica, pound puppies

Give it to Kroenke

What a shame about the Hofbräuhaus mess — lots of slick promises and dealings. The worst thing Belleville could do now is get into filing lawsuits. I smell bankruptcies and attorney fees. How about giving old E. Stanley Kroenke a call? $30 million is nothing to him and he actually knows how to do real estate development. He could put our $2 million to good use.

Compare college presidents

I think the BND should examine the salaries of the presidents of the various colleges in the metro-east. Compare their salaries to the student population of the schools they run. You’ll find huge discrepancies in salaries and benefits. This is one of the reasons why school systems are having trouble making ends meet.

MidAmerica math

G. Brooks’ Letter to the Editor tried to put a positive spin on MidAmerica Airport. Brooks is very enthusiastic about spending more taxpayer money on the airport, but he forgot the most important fact: The St Clair County taxpayers waste $10 million or more every year to support an airport that has never and will never bring in one penny of revenue. Continued criticisms, Brooks? More like common business sense, especially when Kern turns his failure over to the federal government.

Inhumane Madison County

Madison County Animal Control routinely kills healthy, adoptable dogs and cats when they have empty cages. The County Board unanimously passed a no kill resolution so the chairman needs to stop that inhumane practice now. The county doesn’t even have an adoption program. St. Clair County Animal Control is more humane.

Erase slave owners

Bravo to New Orleans for removing Confederate era statues. Don’t stop there. Let’s remove the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial. Take all of the slave owners off every monument. According to today’s standards, every colonialist is in the wrong and we should change it. Their portraits should be burned and destroyed similar to how Hitler burned all the books. That way, all of the historical stuff will be gone and the so-called “non-racist” Americans will be happy. Forget about our forefathers, they were all slave owners anyway.

Red flags on green

Red flags are flying all over the Kellers’ finances and the Hofbräuhaus. Too bad for Belleville and the tax payers that Eckert and his TIF clowns are color blind, causing them to only see green.

Keep info open

On election night, the BND posted a video of Mayor Eckert’s victory party. During it, Victoria Eckert was bragging that Jennifer Gain Meyer, the incoming city clerk, was inheriting an office chair that was rarely used. For all of the criticism of Dallas Cook, let’s applaud him for making information more accessible. I hope that Meyer doesn’t fall to the whims of her new boss, Eckert, and suppress information.

Kern’s bobbleheads

BND exposes eight Democrat patronage jobs, called St. Clair County Public Building Commission, or should we say “Kern bobbleheads.” BND reports the St Clair Country Board Members, another 26 Kern bobbleheads, approve a property tax increase. Kern spits in the voter’s face and gets his tax increase anyway. The real question is how many part-time patronage jobs are there in St. Clair County? These bobbleheads get free medical care and at least $11,000 a year for part-time work. What other tax payer funded benefits do these minimal work patronage jobs provide? How much does it cost the tax payer to have 40 or more Kern bobbleheads show up for a monthly meeting? $300,000 or $500,000 per year? What a waste of my tax money.

Budget lesson

The St. Clair County Board has decided that a tax increase will fix all our problems. That’s not the way budgeting is done. We need to find out how much money we have and then adjust our expenses to fit that. You don’t keep going back to get more water from the well. They don’t care about us and can’t control their spending. Voters need to remember this and never vote for an incumbent again.

Senior celebration

I’m going to go out tonight and celebrate the property tax increase by the St. Clair County Board by going out to dine at an area restaurant on a Happy Meal and the best coffee a senior can get.

Queen of scams?

Two weeks ago the Caseyville VFW Queen of Hearts drawing for over $300,000 rolled over because the “organizers” could not decipher John’s last name on the ticket. None of them would call the phone number, which was legible. Naturally, they do not allow address labels on the ticket, which would prevent such a fiasco. Thousands of dollars flow through this building weekly in alcohol sales and 50/50 drawings. The VFW is a noble organization, but it seems like they could do a better job of running the game.

Heroin not fated

State’s attorney Kelly didn’t do his homework when suing the pharmaceutical companies. Being a chronic pain individual myself, I am on opioid pain medication and have no desire to misuse it or use heroin. About 15 years ago, I was seeing a doctor in Belleville who prescribed opioids for seven years for menstrual cramps. When I told people that he gave me opioid for cramps, they were shocked. He never gave me a warning about it being addictive, not one word. He stopped prescribing them after I was hooked and I was able to quit without turning to heroin. It is beating a dead horse to claim that anybody quitting opioids will turn to heroin.

Balance without pain?

Belleville’s Mary Ann Maserang’s plea for fairness in our efforts to tighten our financial belt will fall on deaf ears. Nearly all taxpayers seem to want a balanced budget but no one wants to surrender even a piece of their pet perks to get us there. What liberals added to the budget in the past as social programs are now looked at as entitlements.

Claims create rates

The fourth firehouse in Belleville is a good thing. You want as much fire protection as you can get. The biggest problem is that nearly all insurance companies raise people’s rates yearly. Not because of your city’s fire department rating, but as regional rates. If they have a large amount of claims in a certain part of the country, then everyone’s insurance goes up. Even though we may have a better fire department rating, insurance will go up because of regional rates.

Marissa silence

Marissa had a clean-up week but none of the village residents knew about it. We had a recent election and I still don’t know who won. The village hall hasn’t put out any information or newsletters. Yet, they want the village nice and clean for the yard sale that’s coming up. The mayor needs to think about more transparency for the people who elected him.

Durbin’s a joke

I stand with President Trump’s view on sanctuary cities. Senator Durbin believes that sanctuary cities should remain in Illinois. Since 2016, Chicago has been a sanctuary city. Plenty of extremists and activists are in the state with their right or wrong views. Why do our schools have to cut costs to maintain sanctuary cities in Illinois? How long is Springfield going to take to pass a budget? This is political slavery. I know a joke when I see one and that’s Durbin.

Let Durbin pay

I just got off the phone with Senator Durbin’s people. I asked why Durbin wants Chicago to be a sanctuary city. He didn’t have an answer. My proposal is: Senator Durbin or any other congressman should create sanctuary cities within the countries that need help. Fund it out of your own pockets, congressmen. This way, you don’t break up their families. I think they want to stay in their own countries, but they can’t afford to do it.

Walters on Wal-Mart

Even ill-tempered Jim Walters has a right to his own opinion as recently voiced in his letter to the BND. While Bob Romanik is a public figure and thus an eligible target for ridicule, Walters shouldn’t draw innocent local businesses into the fray. In Walters’ vain attempt to disparage Romanik, Walmart and its fine employees were unfortunate collateral damage.

Romanik’s rapport

Bob Romantik claims to be a champion of freedom of speech. He’s always throwing mud at the BND called it the “News Slime-o-crat.” When someone calls his show, if you don’t agree with what he has to say, he cuts you off and insults you and your mother. He’s not a patriot or a champion of anything but himself.

Re-election a mistake

Did anybody even check to see if the businesses backing the Shrine project were legit? I don’t think so. Now, after the elections, we have the same city administration in Belleville that we’ve always had— giving away TIF money and raising taxes. Residents of Belleville, you messed up re-electing Eckert. This project is never going to happen.

Show us the plans

What’s going on with the lawsuit filed against the Hofbräuhaus to let people see the plans? I understand that there’s a second lawsuit now over related documents. Interesting that the Kellers are in financial troubles, Belleville is in the middle of it and won’t let anybody look at the plans. It’s pathetic, Eckert, that you won’t let people look at the plans of a project that you brag about. BND, please look into this.

Taxes to TIF

I’d like to know how much of the property tax increase is going straight into TIF funds.

St. Louis control

The St. Louis Police Chief retired after meeting with the new mayor. This is not a good sign for the city. The chief was doing a fine job with the department, giving the officers what they needed to do their jobs. Now, under a new mayor, the chief suddenly quits. This should raise a red flag. The new mayor must want control of everything, no matter how well they’re doing their jobs. I bet the fire chief will be the next one to go.

School bus reckless

I followed a school bus from Illinois 159 and Highway 50 all the way into Swansea. The bus driver was tailgating cars. I was driving 40-45 mph but he was going faster and following too closely. Whoever is in charge, they need to talk to that driver. He is going to get into a wreck and injure children if someone doesn’t do something.