Letters to the Editor

Don’t just complain, encourage real ideas and solutions

Regarding your April 23 editorial, “St. Clair County leaders take flight from airport accountability,” there are some flaws in your thinking that deserve a look. The St. Clair County Building Commission has overseen county owned property and facilities as long as I can remember without anyone giving a hoot. It’s OK people give a hoot now, but here are some other facts to consider. An elected board doesn’t mean it will work better or have different conclusions. You have an airport. Having an airport is far better than not having one. To be fair, even the use of a significant portion of tax dollars to support the growth and operations of the airport does not constitute “taxation without representation.” The County Board is elected. If the BND would like an elected board at the airport, it’s fair to advise the public of the real costs of electing and paying the new group of politicians as well as the time and effort to form a referendum to put the question of electing an airport board on the ballot. Mark Kern cannot create an elected board. I don’t know of anyone looking for more politicians anyway. There are no simple answers. Blaming people who serve on the appointed board mainly because Kern placed them there really doesn’t solve anything. Besides, who goes to a growing airport and parks their car in a gravel lot? Please encourage real ideas and solutions. Don’t just complain. The Editorial Board owes readers more cognitive thinking when using 55 gallon drums of ink to complain.

Chris Beykirch, Aurora