Letters to the Editor

Keep other fellow’s perspective in mind

When my grandchildren have asked me about the old days growing up on the farm, I am tempted to reply, “Yes, it was four miles to school uphill both ways.”

Not so. It was four miles, but mostly walking home after school. We would argue politics on those walks. It was us Damcats against those Puppydogs. More heat than light was generated in those exchanges.

We also argued tractors. John Deere versus McCormick-Deering.

The sound of the two-cylinder John Deere’s allowed us JD supporters to be called putt-putts by the opposition. But in this area, life became more complicated because some JDs were puppydogs and vice versa. The labels we gave each other got a little fuzzy.

Which brings me to the liberal and conservative labels that are thrown around in BND letters with the same abandon we used during our boring walks. So if I read a letter that supports an issue with more name calling than facts, supporting an issue, I tend to skim or stop reading.

And fellow epistolarians should keep in mind when presenting facts that a glass filled to the halfway mark can be described as half empty or half full. Keep in mind the other fella’s perspective. Or is that being too liberal?

Ray Hollmann, Fairview Heights