Letters to the Editor

No other workable way

A recent correspondent suggested my proposed plan to pay aliens to leave this country would result in individuals coming into this country just to be paid to leave.

The unpublished extended version of my proposal addresses the primary flaw mentioned by the correspondent. The extended version contains this statement: “It is understood, however, that this program can only be implement in conjunction with effectively sealing our borders. Although America would never be burdened by the return of those who had been paid to leave, a porous border would only serve as a magnetic attraction for those who wished to economically benefit from participating in this repatriation program.”

Another point that was not included in my published letter describes the enormous costs imposed upon this country by illegal aliens. The extended discussion contains this comment: “Forbes magazine reports that the 2014 annual health care costs for a family of four is $22,030; just providing federally subsidized medical coverage for an illegal family unit of four for 10 years will cost Americans at least $220,000, or $605 BILLION for 2,750,000 families!”

Finally, one might conclude that paying illegal aliens to leave would be rewarding them for breaking our laws. However, there is no other workable way to round up and deport 11 million illegal aliens. Based upon the costs related above, paying a family of four $25,000 to voluntarily leave is a real bargain.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville