Letters to the Editor

New ways to get voters

So, the bubbleheads in Springfield want to push the minimum wage from its current level to $15 an hour. Before they do, they should check with Washington State, certain California cities and other places that have raised the minimum wage way above the current federal level. I think they’ll find that a number of jobs involved have disappeared.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that the current level is not a “living wage.” The truth is that it was never meant to be. The original intent of the minimum wage was to give young people (i.e., teenagers, etc.) who had no skills, a job so they could make some money and at the same time hopefully provide experience working and taking orders from others. I would say that the plan worked very well for many years for the vast majority of kids involved, me among them.

So, with the fast food industry, among others, having problems keeping their customers, the politicians (and unions) are pushing for higher wages, which means higher prices and at the same time, of course, looking to raise taxes. What is going to happen to the jobs (and the customers)? But then again, what do I know?

All the politicians think about is new ways to get the peons to vote for them.

Bob Walter, Glen Carbon