Letters to the Editor

Taxpayers’ dollars paying for silly games

I have just read the article on the passing of House Bill 40, which will allow state employees and Medicaid (public aid) recipients to have free abortions on the taxpayers’ dollar. What kind of imbecilic, moronic, stupid, subliminal beings represent the state? I have no qualms about abortion; I support Planned Parenthood and the good work that they do for women’s health and abortion procedures. But I do not support HB 40; it gives state employees and aid recipients the right to play silly games with their sex lives and pay for it with taxpayer dollars. I would much prefer to educate people on the use of birth control pill, condoms, the morning after pill and just plain common sense; I believe that the state employees and aid recipients get enough freebees, which have decimated our state finances. Hey, people in Congress, use your brain if you have one for a common-sense approach to the sickness of the state. We have problems that are enormous. We need a budget, pension reforms and a tax reduction so that the people, industries, small business and other job-producing entities can survive in Illinois, the worst government-run state in America. Drive Madigan out.

Dan Weaver, Belleville