Letters to the Editor

So who is lying?

Let’s hope our Congressional representatives read this BND section. By now many have heard of the VW/Audi diesel exhaust problem relative to software cheating. The federal EPA passed regulation that limited NOX exhaust levels for automobile diesel engines. The EPA’s reasoning is exceeding the prescribed levels would cause health concerns to the general public. Not sure if this applied to diesel pickup trucks or were given a free pass. Strangely this ruling did not apply to 18-wheel long haul truckers where the exhaust volume released per mile is much higher.

I have a diesel-powered car and have taken mine to three different St. Louis area service dealers where all three have mentioned the following identical operations. When the technicians work on a running gasoline engine, they connect an exhaust hose to the outside. A running diesel engine is exhausted to the enclosed service room, no hose. Those technicians have been operating this way for 10-15 years and reports are none are sick; the exhaust is that clean.

Did the Obama administration use the EPA as a political weapon to apply restrictions that are impossible to meet? (Like a college entrance ACT of 37 is minimum passing grade!) Was the regulation to assist the Detroit big three (heavily unionized) since they were having a difficult time meeting small car sales targets and CAFÉ standards vs. VW/Audi’s non-unionized labor force? Fifty percent of the cars in Europe are diesel. Are Europeans dying due to excessive exhaust? A Congressional investigation is long overdue.

Ray Catlett, Collinsville