Letters to the Editor

A clown in the White House

Some things the odious clown in the White House is an expert on:

1. Pathological lying. He lies about any and everything.

2. Assaulting women

3. Making fun of the disabled

4. Bankruptcy

5. Failing to pay money owed to various contractors.

6. Evading the draft during Vietnam.

7. Lying about his wealth and charitable contributions, which is why he hides his income taxes.

8. Conspiracy theories

9. Racism – he is an odious birther who accepted white supremacist support during his campaign.

10. Embracing America’s enemy Russia. Trump is a traitor.

Trump’s greatest skill was his ability to fool the “poorly educated” dimwits of this stupid country into voting for him.

Impeach Trump 2017.

Jim Walters, Belleville