Letters to the Editor

Do they not count?

To Kathy Callahan, I’m glad that the ACA is good for you that it works well for you, but you and others seem to forget that it is not working for everyone. Many are having to pay twice as much in premiums, and the deductible is several $1,000 more. Do they not count?

Why is it that so many want to praise the ACA, ‘cause gee, it is working so well for them, yet they don’t seem to care how it’s affecting others. So what if they can’t afford it, so what if they have to pay more in premiums and deductibles, who cares? Barack Obama promised good quality affordable health care for all, and he didn’t deliver. Yes, more people have insurance now, but there are still millions that don’t, and when premiums go up even more later, there will be more not able to afford.

There are many states that only have one carrier now because of ACA, which means basically no choices to choose from.

Lori Felts, Worden