Letters to the Editor

Race, sex does not matter

After reading “Guilty as charged” (Letters, April 29) I am writing to say it does not matter who you are or the color of your skin and if you are male or female. What matters is the will to move up and out of where you are. I know that just because you are Native American, white or a black kid, you can more than make it in this world. Being I know of my niece who is dating a full-blooded Navajo got off the land they were given and got that education and is in a good paying job. Not because he is Navajo but because he decided that he did not want to live poor and do as others were doing.

Just like this young black girl that worked with me for three years. She found out that you can choose to be poor or you can get out there and work. She chose to work. Do not tell me that there is no work for black kids, you just have to go looking for it and go with I am getting this job.

May not be the job you want to do but you got to get started some place and she did it with me cutting grass for three years in all kinds of weather.

So you can fellow the masses or you can fellow the small group that is working for a bright future. Make your choice.

Rodney R. Ringgenberg, Belleville