Letters to the Editor

A little civic pride might go a long way

I’ve only been reading about MidAmerica Airport for the past few months as I studied up for the recent election. Most of the people I’ve talked to about the issue think it’s a boondoggle and a massive waste of taxpayer money, as typified by the April 8 staff editorial. But until I read that editorial, I wasn’t aware that “Taxpayers in no way suggested spending $81 million in subsidies so a few folks could go to Florida for $55 ...” Wait, what? So, I go check and, indeed, I could have gotten a round trip to Orlando for $126. I wish I had known about a week ago because I thought was getting a great deal on the same tickets for our family’s vacation at $165 a person. Not only could I have saved another $156, we also wouldn’t have to layover in Cincinnati or fly on Delta (although it’s marginally better than going United these days)! I’ll be sharing this newfound information with my sister-in-law, who comes to Belleville with her husband and baby for the holidays. While I was researching flights, she told me she considered it a good price if she got a ticket for $300, but usually winds up paying $400.

I’ve noticed that many people in Belleville have a tendency to really talk down the various investment projects around the city. I listen to their arguments and understand their frustrations, but sometimes I think a little civic pride might go a long way toward making these investments work for all of us.

Shannon Russell, Belleville