Letters to the Editor

People like you are taking democracy from us

Mr. Pitzer, I read your letter on the United Airlines passenger. You started out with the Asian. Are you also misogynistic, because you are racist? Do you think that what Hitler did to The Jewish nation was acceptable? What about slavery, I guess you want that back! Do you think that Big Brother and totalitarianism is a good thing? How about Communism and the degradation that people have to contend with? That doctor bought a ticket, was given a boarding pass, and sat in his seat that he paid for. Then comes the goon squad to steal his purchased seat and proceed to beat him violently. What if you bought a television from a company? As you’re sitting in your vehicle an entourage of goons came to you and said that another person wanted that TV and proceeded to beat you up to take it from you? Do you see the correlation, or are you so callous and stupid? How about a play or a musical that you bought and paid for a ticket, you drove 20 miles with a companion sat in your seat and someone else wanted that seat? They proceed to drag you out of the theater beating you! We have rights in this country. Even the CEO said the action was unacceptable. What kind of a miserable subhuman are you to take away the very basic human rights that have been fought for? It’s called DEMOCRACY, and it is being taken from us by people like you!

Dan Weaver, Belleville