Letters to the Editor

Disappointed in Duquesne student group

I was disappointed to read that a student organization at Duquesne University, a Catholic university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is protesting a planned new restaurant on campus. The student organization, Lambda Gay-Straight Alliance, has taken exception to Chick-fil-A coming to the campus’ food court.

The LGBTQ+ student organization considers Chick-fil-A’s commitment to traditional marriage potentially offensive to gay students, despite the obvious fact that no one is required to patronize the restaurant who doesn’t want to. Chick-Fil-A is a family-owned, family-oriented restaurant chain that adheres to Christian values and operates with that modus operandi.

The organization’s president said, “I fear that with the Chick-fil-A being in Options [food court] that maybe people will feel that safe place is at risk.”

From my Christian-Caucasian-heterosexual perspective, a kinder, gentler and “safer” fast food environment would be hard to come by. The Chick-Fil-A staff appears to bend over backwards to treat each and every customer like they’re dining experience is their highest priority.

LGBTQ+ proponents may be uncomfortable with that old Christian expression “hate the sin, love the sinner.” Since we are all sinners, any consternation may be more in their heads than in the hearts and minds of Chick-Fil-A’s employees.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon