Letters to the Editor

Doomed to repeat the past?

If you don’t remember the past you are bound to repeat it.

Donald Trump is going to try to get Congress to pass a massive tax cut for corporations and businesses.

George W. Bush became president in 2001 and reduced the taxes for the wealthy claiming, give the money to the rich and they will create jobs and the income to the government will increase.

The Heritage Foundation claimed the tax cut would result in elimination of the U.S. debt by the fiscal year 2010.

The result was the fiscal debt went from $5.7 trillion when he came into office and was $10.6 trillion the day Bush left office in 2009.

When President Bush took office the S&P Stock Market was at 1,342.54. And when he left office it was at 805.22, a drop of 40 percent.

When Bush came into office the unemployment rate was 4.7 percent and at the end of his presidency it increased to 9.3 percent.

This is not just my idea; it is fact. All of this information is verifiable on the Internet; check it out.

If all of Trump’s Cabinet is made of almost all millionaires and or billionaires, who do you think they will be trying to reduce taxes for?

If the tax cut passes what do you think will happen in the following years for you and your children?

Ron McDonald, Collinsville