Letters to the Editor

You can’t buy happiness, health, friends, or love


Oh, if only it grew on trees. No, you really wouldn’t want that. Thank God it doesn’t. Happiness doesn’t come with wealth or more money. The only things that come with wealth or more money: you could have a larger home with 12 bathrooms, a 10-car garage, a ski boat instead of a rowboat. You could have a chef/cook, a maid, a butler, or you could get that service at a fine restaurant. You could go shopping in Paris instead of at Kmart or Wal-Mart.

You could have a limousine to take you to work, or you could ride your bike to work, with the top always down. Either way they both only take you to work.

You can buy just about anything you may want, but you will be like a little child that received multiple gifts on their birthday, more than they could ever want, and end up with just one out of the many to keep and play with, the rest just lay there. That one was the only one that made the child happy.

Yes, just for the moment wealth and money can make you happy, but no matter the amount of wealth or money you may have, you can’t buy happiness, health, friends, or love.

What makes you happy, to feel needed, to give of yourself, self-esteem, accomplishment ... it matters not what level of society, wealth or money, you can have the same value of happiness or debt.

James E. Saffel Sr., Mascoutah