Letters to the Editor

War of Armageddon is on the horizon

I disagree with letter writer Mark Perkins’ statement that Donald Trump’s agenda is biblical. I say Trump’s agenda was planned by Lucifer and sent straight up from hell.

Perkins also said God gave Israel most of the Muslim land without borders, including Iraq and Syria. Not true. God didn’t reserve land for any religious or racial group. What kind of God would favor one group over another? Don’t tell me what Moses said. He was merely a flesh and blood human like any other man.

I will say Perkins is prophesying the future plan because the brainwashing tactics presently being used reveal that oil barons plan to confiscate Middle Eastern oil and allow the Israeli Jews to expand its borders to Syria, Iraq and eventually the entire Middle East.

Does anybody question why the Western world wants to dispose of Syria’s leader Assad, like they’ve done the rest of the Middle Eastern leaders? Assad said it was fake news that he used chemical weapons on his own people. An American analyst said the attack was staged. A retired Army colonel said Assad had no need to resort to gassing his people since he was winning the war. So why isn’t there an independent investigation to learn the truth?

It seems the war of Armageddon is on the horizon. Should our American youths fight this war for oil barons and the expansion of Israel, and do we actually believe China will be on our side?

Frankie Seaberry, Centreville