Letters to the Editor

Minorities should compete for opportunities based upon their merit

A frequent correspondent recently offered her opinion concerning past transgressions white Americans have inflicted upon minorities.

Slavery existed in the United States for 244 years from 1619 to 1863. Black Americans have now enjoyed full citizenship for 154 years. If America has not been cleansed of its past sins after 154 years, just how long is this process going to take?

Since “affirmative action” arose as America’s national atonement policy in 1961, minorities have had the benefit of preferential treatment, which has worked to the direct detriment of white Americans. Minorities have now benefited from this form of “reverse discrimination” for 56 years. How long will it be before minority citizens must compete for opportunities based solely upon their merit, as opposed to receiving unjustified competitive advantages based exclusively upon their racial status?

African tribal natives gathered and sold their brethren into slavery. If African natives profited from slave trade, why are they never resoundingly condemned as the primary actors responsible for black-on-black brutality?

Finally, I bear no guilt for sins that began occurring almost 400 years ago. My ancestors arrived in America about 200 years ago. None of my ancestors — none — owned a slave. How many of today’s Americans are also free from any ancestral history of slave ownership?

Instead of whining about past sins, the correspondent should spend her time motivating minorities to honestly and fairly compete for opportunities that will improve their lot.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville