Letters to the Editor

Students need safe schools to get most out of education

Our students need safe schools to get the most out of their education. Central Elementary School in O’Fallon is a wonderful school community where we strive every day to give our students the education they deserve.

I teach fourth grade at Central. We are in desperate need of a building.

Currently, we have no room for our fourth grade classes so students receive instruction in trailers. This means that students are segregated from the rest of the school and the resources that other students have access to such as daily announcements. For example, students have to be escorted to the main building if they have to see the nurse or if their parents are picking them up for an early dismissal. Late students must walk to the trailers by themselves or have a staff member to escort them.

When a student has to worry about safety, they cannot focus.

We have been working with our school community on revenue, but we have not yet been successful. On May 1, we will be giving a tour of our school to Rep. Katie Stuart. We thank her for taking the time to see firsthand the issues our students encounter every day.

Leah Cain, Lebanon